Put Your Pasion for Pets into Play

Ace Vetura Slot Machine

Hi there, pet people. We’ve just discovered a fantastic new online game that will definitely have you barking for joy, you could say it’s the purr-fect evening’s entertainment.

Aaalrighty then! Let’s tell you about the new Ace Ventura Pet Detective slot machine that was recommended to us. We found a demo of the game online, which, if you wanted could be played for real money inside of the online casinos that house this game.

This was the first slot machine I’ve played and because the film is hilarious and I’m a huge Jim Carrey fan, it seemed like the perfect way to be introduced to these kinds of slot machine games.

This is an official game release of the movie made by a company called Playtech. The game has movie icons, so you see Ace Ventura on what are the reels of this slot machine, along with a mix of numbers and other symbols.

To the left of the game is a sign reading 243 ways, this turns out to be the number of lines within the game you can win. My knowledge of slots is limited but I do know that you have to get matching symbols in an order that classifies as a win, this game has 243 ways the order of symbols can align, so it makes it really easy to win on.

There is a bonus feature to this game which plays on the scene where Ace Ventura is stuck inside the fake rhino. If you land three of these rhino bonus symbols’ you are awarded seven free goes or what they call free spins. During the bonus round, special features come into play. As you will see on top of the game, there are three lost posters, one with a shark, elephant and gorilla. The shark feature gives you more free games during the bonus round.

The elephant expands the number of reels in the game and the gorilla changes the game’s symbols to boost the amount you can win from your spins. There are further features to unlock during the game, the bat produces these random wild symbols that can match with any other symbol to form a win. The dove helps to multiply wins and the dolphin is a mystery multiplier.

When you land the bonus, any two of the features will be activated to help you win loads more money.

If you don’t land the bonus round, there are other features within the game to enjoy. There is the Jungle Friends feature that sees Ace Ventura call on his animal friends to all more wild symbols into the game you just spun to produce a win from the spin.

The Sneaky Walk feature happens mid-spin to add random wilds to help win with the reels stop spinning. Lastly, you have the Loser feature that randomly triggers when you don’t win on a spin and re-spins the reels for free until you do win. Each of these features come with Ace Ventura popping up on the screen to surprise you with the rewards.

It was an incredibly fun game and a must any fan of the movie and, of course, those that love animals.