Fetch Yourself the Purrfect Gift for your Pet

pet gifts

At Woof and Meow Shoppe, you are able to get the best gifts available for your pets at the most competitive prices. We’re here to give you the right treats for your canine, accessories for your buddy budgie, cracking entertainment for your cat and even happy homes for your hamsters and rabbits.

All stock is sourced locally to help cut the carbon footprint and we make it a special policy to only provide environmentally friendly gifts for your family pet.

We have hundreds of incredible products available and to help with your purchase, we are able to take old or partially damaged pet goods off of your hands and provide them to the local shelters and kennels, once mended so they are loved again.

In this post, we share with you’re the best gifts for your pets this year, so you can either prepare to shop and buy in bulk for easy or tick them off the list you have planned for your most loved family member.

Best Gifts for Dogs

  • Personalize your doggy gifts with matching food and water bowl detailing “Property of___”.
  • If you want to put some style on your hairy friend, then we recommend the latest Hawaiian shirts suited for both male and female pooches or there are unisex shirts that can be purchased.
  • If your dog can’t stand the heat, cool pads are essential in maintaining healthy body temperature.
  • If your dog likes to wear a bit of bling, then we have limited edition name tags made from reused stainless steel.
  • Spare your fuzzy friend from the rain with our umbrella leash.

Best Gifts for Cats

  • Take whiskers with you anyway, with a cool selection of cat bags, with ventilation, window and room for treats.
  • Make your pussy wow others on social media with kitty clothing including tie and collar sets, superhero outfits, Rockstar looks and lion mains.
  • Keep those furry kids happy with a selection of cat groomers that they’ll love to rub against.
  • Have a cat manor in your own home with special cat houses for them to sleep in.
  • Let them pick and choose with the interactive toy box. Holding six different toys that the cats have to get out themselves!

Best Gifts for Birds

  • Wooden fork stands that you can place on the wall as a natural perch around the home.
  • Cage Cam: have video and speaker connection at home or when you’re out.  Watch your pet and talk to them and have them contact you if they’re clever enough.
  • Get the perfect swings for your cockatiel made from reused materials.
  • Miniature musical instruments. Make your pet the next David Bowie with tiny tambourine, maracas and drum.

Best Gifts for Rabbits

  • The coolest selection of food bowls including “What Chew Lookin’ At”, “Hands Off”, “Food for 4 Legs Only”.
  • Upcycled indoor rabbit hutches. Special made homes for hoppy that look like furniture but is, in fact, their home at home.

Best Gifts for Fish

  • Aquarium Statue of Donald Trump.

Best Gifts for Hamsters

  • Ball and Track. Create your elaborate track and give your hamster the ride of their life!
  • Hamster Go Pro Ball. See the world from their eyes with this stabilized ball and camera attachment.
  • Hide and Squeak: Give fluffy the best hiding places with these durable homes to scoff and sleep in.